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    Paul Furlong - Business Coach & Consultant, 
    Web  Designer & Web Marketer! 
    20 yrs Business Experience, Business Owner,
    Coaching & Consulting in Business Growth
    & Marketing. Credited  - BBA & BBI

 Pay Per Click Advertising & Marketing . . .The Smart way!

Google website marketing!

Are You hitting your target market?
There is unlimited amounts of customers waiting & wanting to use 
your services & buy your products.  It’s all about website marketing
& doing it right to get YOU RIGHT UP FRONT making it easy 
for them to find you & deal with you! 

You will feel the difference once you get services from my company as I never let our clients expectations go down.
My old fashioned attitude to service & customer values are foremost important to me! Being front of Google search results front page
is the best thing you can do for your company's website traffic and online reputation. You will be happy to know that I willing to
guarantee you 1st page Google search ranking for most of your targeted local keyword phrases in our Google Adwords Management
campaign... OR 100% my fees money back Guarantee!







For as little as $500 fully setup & optimised you will save $$$$ 
Don't pay $2000+ with other companies......
ONLY $175 monthly ongoing management Optimisation fees!



Australia Wide
& Register your details & I will call you 
straight back!

























 I guarantee you 1st page placement on many keywords & phrases . . . . 

Guaranteed or your money back! 


My expertise & friendly manner will provide the best service & results for your website marketing . . .  
guaranteed 1st page or your money refunded in full

Web Marketing with "Google Adwords Campaigns".
Set up & managed in full,
to get your site right up in front of your potential
target market. This Adwords web marketing means
you don't have to wait for month & years to get your site listed early in search engines. 


I can get you right up front immediately!

Smart website marketing puts you right in front of your target market!

Setting your full Google adwords campaign can be extremely frustrating,
confusing & time wasting. In fact
your Google adwords advertising & marketing campaigns.  . . . .
& then discover it's not even working for you.
 Let me save you time, money & a lot of stress & frustration. 
With my expertise & experience I will setup & optimize your Google adwords
campaign to ensure it works for you & you get maximum results & high listing
on major keywords to suit your business
. . .getting your website up front with
smart website marketing.




More importantly let me help you grow your business the smart way . . . .web marketing!

By setting up & working with your Google adwords campaigns I can get you the clicks & attract massive amounts of
business to YOU. Is that what you want? Then contact me now . . .web marketing the smart way!

PPC (pay per click) advertising. Imagine if you called a major magazine & booked a 1/2 page ad & proceeded to say . . .
"but I'm only paying if I get good response"! That's right you'd be quickly escorted to the door or laughed out of town.
However that's exactly how it woks with sponsored links PPC Google advertising. . . . . .
You pay only if people want your services & visit you
You can't beat that right? . . . . That's why it's fast becoming one of the most successful marketing campaigns you
can undertake!
Depending on the competition in your filed is your cost per click.
We can set your daily budget, pause campaigns easily & quickly, have full control of what you spend & closely
monitor your results with full reports. Googel Adwords software & program enables me to target your ideal market & areas.
Any smart business would not miss this opportunity!

      Growing your
business through website 
marketing & putting more $$ in your pocket! 




Google Adwords Management Melbourne
Google Adwords Management Sydney
Google Adwords Management Perth
Google Adwords Management Adelaide
Google Adwords Management Brisbane
AUSTRALIA wide Google Adwords Management & Support

Paul Direct - 0414375106 or email me now


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